About Us

ALTIN TOHUMCULUK was established in 1982 in Izmir. It is a specialized company in Turkey in vegetable seed breeding, production, domestic marketing, export and import. It is a pioneer in vegetable seed business in our country with more than 100 employees. Our mission is to supply seed of highest quality and highest standards to vegetable growers through continuous research and breeding.

Company headquarter is in the city of Izmir where general management, finance, accounting and marketing departments are located.

Altın Tohumculuk is highly aware of the importance of new varieties’ breeding and development in the vegetable seed sector. A great number of varieties in different species which have been developed by our company are being marketed commercially. Therefore, it is continuously investing especially in indoor vegetable seed breeding. The indoor breeding research activities are being undertaken in Menderes / Izmir, Guzeloba / Antalya and Kadriye / Antalya facilities.

F1 hybrid seed production is done in 3 different locations in company owned high tech climate controlled secure glasshouses. They are located in Edremit / Balikesir, Sandi / Izmir and Menderes / Izmir.

Furthermore, recent new F1 hybrid varieties are being released and introduced continuously to growers in our Guzeloba / Antalya and Kadriye / Antalya stations.

Our open pollinated seed production is done in Balikesir area by about 100 contract seed growers. Production is closely monitored by our expert agricultural engineers during production season enabling compliance to our high standard seed production criteria.

Our company markets its products in domestic and international markets under the brand names Altın Tohum and Golden Seed. Our variety introduction and extension services are being provided by our agricultural engineers in Aegean, Marmara, Mediterranean, Çukurova and Black Sea regions.

Not only F1 hybrid and open pollinated vegetable seeds are produced and exported to third parties but also indoor F1 hybrid varieties that are developed specially by our company are being sought after in Middle Eastern, Caucasian and Australian markets.

Altın Tohumculuk assures continuously in her seed testing laboratory that the quality standards of the seeds she produces and imports meet ISTA rules.

This website about our complete product line has been prepared based on the long term research and studies of our expert agricultural engineers.

We sincerely wish that this website would be a helpful source to our dealers and growers.


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